Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

As a retreat to myself, I went to the 7am Yoga class this morning. My body was pretty stiff at first, but I could feel my body waking up as the class went on. What a good feeling that was! I had never been to the 7am class before. The hardest part was forcing myself out of the bed at 6:15am, but hell, it was worth it! I'm gonna try to do this as often as I can.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

There have been a few celebrity citings lately. First, I saw Penny Johnson (Sherry Palmer on 24) at Buddha's Belly, when I was eating dinner with Chisa a few weeks ago. Although she's not a big shot, I was pretty psyched because I'm a huge fan of 24. It seems like I see someone famous when I hang out with Chisa. We also saw Nicole Richie at a Japanese restaurant in Brent Wood a while back.

Anyway, my brother was visiting me from 1/28, so we went to O'Brien's in Santa Monica to watch the Super Bowl. Bill spotted Evan Handler (Charlotte's husband on Sex and the City) at the bar. He was actually standing right next to me and I heard a few women go up to him and tell him how they loved his character on Sex and the City etc. One of them actually was hitting on him hardcore.

Then when I took my brother to the airport next day, I saw Shigeki Maruyama, a very famous/popular Japanese golf player, standing right next to us at the check-in counter. My brother went up to him and they shook hands. After that, I walked him to the security check point, and just when I was saying bye to him, I saw Gabe Kapler going into the security check point. I happened to be wearing my Red Sox hat that day, so he looked at my hat and that's when I recognized him. I assume he was on his way to Tokyo. He looked damn good!! I think he's one of the hottest baseball players now.

Well, I'm not done yet. I was having lunch in Pasadena with my co-worker and a few Overture guys today. Then there goes Kyle MacLachlan. He actually looked better than he does on screen.

My friends from Japan always ask me if I have seen any celebrities, so I guess I have added a few to my short list. I swear, for someone who has lived in Los Angeles for 7 years, I haven't seen that many celebrities.