Friday, March 26, 2004

Bad American President - this is so hilarious!! Listen to it if you haven't already heard it on Howard Stern Show. Click here and look for the sound file called "Bad American Presidents: George W. Bush" It's worth it!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Boycott Clear Channel

Leave Howard Stern show alone! Clear Channel is the biggest cocksucker who kisses up to Bush! Those corporate fuckers have taken Dixie Chicks off air and stopped promoting their events, all because of their negative comments on Bush. Now they are after Howard Stern cuz he badmouthes Bush. They can make up all the excuses they want (like Howard is obscene), but come on, this is very politically motivated. If Howard Stern was a Bush supporter, he wouldn't be in that position. I know average people don't really care until it's too late, but something needs to be done. It's all because of those religious fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate religious institutions. They cause nothing but problems, hate and violence.

Every time I hear a free-speech debate, I think of Larry Flynt's statement in Bob Scheer's class. He said, "you don't have to like my work (Hustler magazine), but if you want the freedom to express yourself or enjoy the entertainment you enjoy, then you also have to recognize my right to express myself." Obviously, these are not his exact words, and when I say it, it sounds so cheesy, but when Larry Flynt was sitting in front of us in that Annenberg auditorium, it was phenomenal. Thank you, Professor Scheer for bringing in such a good speaker.

Well, in short, I just want Bush out of the White House. That's all I want. No more fucking Christian bullshit.

Friday, March 05, 2004


Seriously, we cannot let him fuck this country up any more than he has already. Kerry MUST win this election. No time in my life I cared so much about politics. But this has got to stop! I'm seriously fed up with the decency in media arguments and gay marriage issues. Since when we let Christian values be this country's policy??

Decency in Broadcasting: This is nothing but censorship. FCC and all the right wing wackos are taking full advantage of Janet Jackson's boob incident and changing the media in the way they want. Janet's boob was all they needed. Now they have a perfect excuse to "clean up" the media. Howard Stern show may be going off air sometime soon. If we let this go on, there will be nothing funny or entertaining on TV or radio before we even know it. And when we realize it, it'll be too late. This needs to stop NOW.

Gay Marriage: Come on, give me one legitimate, reasonable reason why this shouldn't be legalized. None of that God-did-not-make-men-to-be-with-men bullshit. Again, not everyone is a Christian. Here is a really good article on this issue. It shows just how this country is divided into two groups of people. It also tells you why I want absolutely nothing to do with churches, Bible, and Christians. They are the most hateful, ignorant, idiotic pricks.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Back from Maya & Steve's wedding.. I had a friggin' blast!!! I'm so glad I went. I didn't think I'd be doing much of drinking while I'm there (except for the wedding night), but hanging out with Jared, Joel, and Tsuyoshi changed everything. My 3-day stay was in fact, all about drinking. If Takako was able to get drunk with us, it would have been much much better. But I'm sure lil' Raychell enjoyed her first taste of red wine! haha. On the wedding night, everyone went to a club after the reception, and since we got there so late, we chugged our drinks. By the time they stopped serving alcohol, I was so wasted that I didn't even feel the chill in the air (remind you, this is Michigan we are talking about!). Anyway.. Steve and Maya: Congratulations!!! You guys are so cute together.