Saturday, November 06, 2004

America: The Rationals and the Irrationals

Does separation of the state and church exist in America? This presidential election was yet another reminder that it does not. And I think that's exactly why this country is split in half. When you bring religious beliefs into politics, it just doesn't work. That's precisely where the disagreements arise. You cannot expect a nation to be united when you make the nation's policies based on one religion.

I come from a country where there is a complete separation of the two. No religious beliefs affects my country's policies. In fact, if a political candidate starts talking about how great his God is etc., he will NEVER be elected in Japan. Everbody would be too creeped out to vote for that person. I'm not gonna say Japanese people are smarter than Americans, but at least, we can think rationally. We value science more than faith, and progress more than regression.

I'm not suggesting that everybody should drop their faith. But it should never be mixed with your politics. Honestly, I don't care what you worship or believe in, I really don't. But don't bring it out of your house. Don't try to force that belief on others. And most importantly, the government should always be neutral. I'm so sick and tired of all those extreme right-wing wackos (aka the Irrationals) running this country. And who suffers? The smart, rational people.

Why Faith and Beliefs are Bullshit

I love it when people say "I believe in God," because that just proves my point. They say "I believe...," because they are not 100% sure if God exists. If they actually know that God indeed exists, and therefore they can prove it, then that becomes knowledge, not a belief or faith. This applies to anything. You use the word belief only when you are not sure if a subject matter is 100% true. In other words, if you have to believe in something, you don't know if it's true or not. For example, I believed John Kerry would win this election, because I, in fact, did not know whether he was going to get elected. So beliefs can be wrong a lot of times.

For all those Bible lovers: Prove me wrong. Take one story in the Bible and prove to me that it is logical and true. Until then, Bible continues to be a book of fantasies.

What Freedom?

For someone who loves to say the word "freedom" over and over, George W. Bush takes away people's freedom too much. What happened to freedom of choice for Gays and Lesbians? What about freedom of choice for women? And where is our freedom of speech??? I want to listen to Howard Stern every morning, not Rush Limbaugh.

And now he claims to be the preacher of freedom for the Iraqis??? Something is wrong.

If someone loves "freedom" so much that he is willing to go through all the troubles to bring it to another country, you would think that person would give more freedom to his own people. Oh, but wait a minute, you can't think rationally when trying to understand Christians.


Bill said...

I think you missed an important point in Bush's hypocrisy between his stripping of freedoms in america, and his crusade to bring freedom to Iraq:
You mentioned freedoms based solely on what are thought of as "moral" christian beliefs (hehe). But what you missed were civil and economic freedoms being stripped away from americans from this group.
The patriot act, takes away many civil liberties which this country was built upon, that being the assumption that defendents are innocent until proven guilty.
His tax cuts,corporate tax-breaks,and budget shortfalls are historic, and are causing many people to lose jobs. To compensate, they take lower paying jobs to replace the ones they lost.
His lack of a good health care plan is leaving more and more people uncovered in this country, and causing people to potentially lose their most important freedom, their right to live a healthy life.

Ami said...

Hey Bill - Thanks for filling in here. I agree with you 100%. I was actually going to talk about how the only people who gained more freedom in America are the large corporations (they now have more freedom to screw people over). They have more financial freedom, because they can export their jobs to overseas AND get a tax break.

I was too fired up when I wrote this post, so I forgot to mention the above point.

But I still think the most dangerous of all is the fact that our freedom of speech is in jeopardy. Hitler came into power in Germany by restricting people's freedom of speech little by little, and when people realized they are losing the freedom, it was too late to stop. Also, that is how a few Japanese militants took over Japan using the emperor pre WW2.

Johnnie Walker said...

Some would argue that science is also a religion. :)