Monday, February 02, 2004

Today was my Bro's 21st Birthday! Happy Birthday, Kai!! I know turning 21 doesn't mean a thing in Japan, but still, you won't face any difficulty getting alcohol next time you come visit me.

Super Bowl: Was a really good game, I'm happy that Patriots won, and there was also a great half-time show. At first, Bill and I were like, this is the most boring Superbowl game we've ever seen... and then the game started going. Half time comes around, and we were making fun of the show cuz we thought it couldn't get any cheezier... haha. But it was worth watching till the end. Janet flashed the audience, and that was cool, I mean at least entertaining. But what made it better was those uptight, jesus-loving fuckers calling CBS to complain. I don't really care about her tits (although I thought her nipple ring was cool), but I love it when those conservatives go mad over the stupidest shit. So for that reason, I praise Janet. By the way, who the fuck has time to call a TV station during an exciting football game??? Your kids saw her breast, so what? It's not like they've never seen breasts before. Let's not pretend like your kids are all virgins. We all know.

By the way, I love what Dean said about this incident. As much as I want him to be the next President, he probably won't be.. cuz he's too honest!! But I like the guy anyway.

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