Friday, March 05, 2004


Seriously, we cannot let him fuck this country up any more than he has already. Kerry MUST win this election. No time in my life I cared so much about politics. But this has got to stop! I'm seriously fed up with the decency in media arguments and gay marriage issues. Since when we let Christian values be this country's policy??

Decency in Broadcasting: This is nothing but censorship. FCC and all the right wing wackos are taking full advantage of Janet Jackson's boob incident and changing the media in the way they want. Janet's boob was all they needed. Now they have a perfect excuse to "clean up" the media. Howard Stern show may be going off air sometime soon. If we let this go on, there will be nothing funny or entertaining on TV or radio before we even know it. And when we realize it, it'll be too late. This needs to stop NOW.

Gay Marriage: Come on, give me one legitimate, reasonable reason why this shouldn't be legalized. None of that God-did-not-make-men-to-be-with-men bullshit. Again, not everyone is a Christian. Here is a really good article on this issue. It shows just how this country is divided into two groups of people. It also tells you why I want absolutely nothing to do with churches, Bible, and Christians. They are the most hateful, ignorant, idiotic pricks.

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