Thursday, June 17, 2004

So I read Japanese fashion magazine every once in a while. It's a lot cooler than American fashion magazines, because it actually features 100 times more photos than the American ones. It also seems like the Japanese trend is a little ahead of the American trend. For example, white purses and shoes are hot this year in America, but they have been all over the place (literally!) since last year in Japan. But, with that said, sometimes I have to laugh at what some of the Japanese girls wear. I found 2 particularly interesting T-shirts in the current issue of JJ.

1. "I LIKE TO BARY MYSELF IN YOUR BREASTS" - Not only they have misspelled the word "Bury," but also they must not know what this means. How could they? I just hope she doesn't wear this shirt outside of Japan.

2. "She Were Leopardskin And Her Tits Were Big" - What!?!? "She Were"? Maybe "She Wore"? And Leopardskin is not a one-word! On top of that, her TITS?! No one with the right mind would make this shirt or wear it. I just think people should be banned from making a t-shirt with English phrases/logos, unless they can speak the language.

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