Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Today, I took a trial Tae Kwon Do class with Bill at this martial arts school by our house. It was so much fun!! I had more fun than I expected. Everyone was so nice and polite that I felt like I was back in Asia for a moment. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, but all the bowing we did in the class made me want to speak in Japanese. It was a good workout too - I was sweating my ass off. The instructor was holding a piece of hard paper for me to kick, and I guess he expected me to be weaker.. When I kicked, the paper went flying! hahaha. Ya, I don't look so athletic, but I'm strong. Growing up, I was kind of a slow kid in the class, but I could kick most of the classmates' ass, including the boys. It's called the size advantage. I remember a day where one of the boys picked on me and really pissed me off, so I beat the crap out of him. Of course, the teacher called my mom. But in any case, I'm definitely looking forward to my next class. I hope the tuition won't be too expensive, I want to continue doing it after the trail period.

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