Monday, April 25, 2005

10 Things I like about Bikram Yoga:

1. Heat - the room is heated to about 105 degrees. Crazy? Yeah, I thought so at first, but actually, heat is the key.

2. Sweating - I drink plenty of water and a glass of Kumazasa before going to the class, and during the class, I usually finish a big bottle of water. Before doing Bikram yoga, I never knew how good it feels to just sweat your ass off! It's excellent for your skin too! It gives you that inner-glow you always wanted.

3. Hard Work - The class makes you work harder than you ever thought you could. As a beginner, I suffered. Well, I still suffer. Sometimes the heat drives me nuts. But as long as you work hard and do your best, you feel like a million dollar baby after you get out of the 90-minute torture chaimber (I didn't name that, that's from Bikram himself!). Believe it or not, the class makes me feel better than an hour massage session does.

4. Effort Counts - The most important thing is doing your best. It's not Yoga Perfect, it's called Yoga Practice.

5. Extreme Stretching - I wasn't always flexible. In fact, I couldn't even touch my toes with my legs extended. But through practicing Bikram yoga, I got soooo flexible and it feels so good to stretch!

I love Ashtanga yoga too, but it doesn't make me stretch like the Bikram series can. So when I'm feeling stiff, I definitely go to a Bikram class. In my pre-Bikram days, I was often bothered by lower back and shoudler/neck pain, but it's gone. GONE!

6. Energy - Bikram yoga class works like a gas station. You go to the class empty and leave the class with full of energy. Seriously, after the class, my body feels 10 pounds lighter and I always feel like jumping around because I have so much energy!

7. Detox - You sweat all the toxins out. At first, you can literally smell your body detoxify. But I think with a regular, continuous practice, your body gets cleaner inside. I don't stink like I used to during the class.

8. Weight Control - Regular practice definitely keeps you in a great shape. You actually gain a lot of muscle doing yoga. My legs and arms are buff!

9. Inner Peace - Through practicing this yoga, you learn how not to stress yourself out in a stressful situation. I think now I'm able to handle myself better.

10. Ageless - They say yogis are ageless. It's true! I've met so many yogis who look way younger than their age. Hopefully I age well too!

This list is not in any sort of order, it's just a random list I came up with.

Next post is going to be the Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga. Stay tuned.


Johnnie Walker said...

Flexibility... I'll bet your BF is one happy man!

Oh, sorry. My mind is in the gutter.


Ami said...

Yeah, I went from REALLY stiff to very flexible, so I think he loves the transformation. :)

Ami said...
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