Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I hate myself for being such a perfectionist. I get so stressed out because of my obession with the details. I worry about things way way too much. I get really pissed off when people, such as my new apartment manager, doesn't live up to my expectations. I wish I could be more easy going and not care as much!!! But I don't know how... Well, I guess it's good and bad. Everywhere I have worked, my bosses were very satisfied with my work. I don't really get screwed because I pay attention to things.

One of my good friends, Ken, is leaving LA and going back to Japan at the end of this month.. :( The news was rather surprising cuz nobody was expecting it. We all knew he would be going back eventually because he works for a Japanese company. Man, I hate to see a friend leaving... It's so sad!!! He's such a fun-loving, cool guy!!! I will definitely miss you, Ken!

But on a brighter side, My other good friend Takako has just moved here with her husband. And I just heard from her now and they are expecting a little one! Wow. Congratulations Takako!! Although I really cannot see you being a mom... hahaha. But I think I'll get used to that idea soon!

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