Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Wish it was Sunday~~ or better yet, Saturday.

But I'm not particularly looking forward to this weekend, because I have to move. Yes, I am finally getting out of the world's most boring downtown, LA downtown that is, and moving to Miracle Mile. So I'm excited about that part, but I'm definitely not excited about packing and unpacking. Have I ever mentioned that I have ridiculous amount of shit in my house? I have no idea how it has all accumulated.

Anyway.. what's up with the weather??? Isn't it too cold for Los Angeles?? I had to dig into my winter clothes which I haven't touched since like January this morning. I wore my normal clothes yesterday and was freezing my ass off. Whatever happened to the warm paradise everyone wants to live in!

Recently, I went to 2 interviews, both for a job in Entertainment PR. I really hope I get those positions. But I have realized again that I suck at interviews. And I think it's because, I persoanally hate overachievers who wouldn't shut up about how great they are, so I tend not to tell too much. But I guess I'm supposed to rave about myself during job interviews. I need to be more aggressive about things.

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