Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I just read Alex's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." I must say, it was so entertaining!! It made me wanna go on a road trip. Thanks Peter, for bringing this up in his blog.

Earlier today, I heard the dumbest thing. The lady who sits behind me at work was on the phone talking to her friend, as usual, and said "Things have been really weird lately, you know... From supermarket and MTA strikes to this Wildfire, the world is coming to the end, just like it's said in the Bible." I was like, OH PLEASE!!! I had to laugh (quietly). And I felt the immediate need to share this with someone (but no one from this office), so I emailed Bill. And got the following reply: "jeez..that must be the ichiban baka (=stupidest) thing i have ever heard. I mean, come on, people in Boston are not affected by this crap at all..its just LA, moron!" I wholeheartedly agree. This argument was so stupid that it was almost entertaining. I mean, this is as dumb as you can get. You see what religion does to people.. it drills ridiculous ideas into your brain.

But I do hope the wildfire will stop soon.

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