Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I went to my regular yoga class last night. I didn't really like the teacher we had, but I still felt great after the class. Yoga is the best.

Kobe Bryant Trial: What kind of bullshit is this?? Why would anyone buy her story?! I really don't think Kobe Bryant would rape some bimbo who works at a small hotel. Let's face it, there are so many women who are ready to have sex with him at any time. He can buy any prostitute he wants. Why the hell would he risk his fame, money, and marriage?? Is Kate Favor (alleged victim aka Gold diggin' bitch) that hot?? I doubt it. And it seems like there are many evidences against this girl. Her accusation lacks consistency. But a woman cries, and wow! she's a victim!! Bullshit!!! She's an Attention Whore, who thought Kobe liked her, but later realized he just wanted a quick sex. When Kobe is proven innocent, he should sue Kate Favor. Not to get money, but to damage her reputation just like she did to him. I'd love to see this bitch on the cover of tabloids.

Just like Tom Leykis said last week, this country's court system is made so that women are not accoutable for anything, but men are to blame. How did men in power (i.e. law makers) become so pussified?

I highly recommend Tom Leykis Show to anyone who wants to hear something funny while being stuck in traffic. He is on 97.1 FM from 3PM to 8PM. I personally look forward to his show everyday!

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