Monday, October 27, 2003

Well, shit. A lot has happened since my last post. I decided to stick around for a few more weeks. I talked with the HR lady and my supervisor on Friday after posting I-will-quit-my-job message here. I found out that I will probably never get a permanent position here (I am freelancing now). So I told them that I need time to look for a job and go to interviews, and therefore I cannot do full-time anymore. I can stick around for part-time position and I need flexibility (pretty much said I will prioritalize any interviews I have over this job). They said that's fine, so I decided to stay. If I only have to be here 3 days a week, that shouldn't be too bad. Plus I need the $$$.

It seems like the weekend flew by again. Friday, I went to a driving range with Takeshi and Tomoe, and went to eat Ramen after that. I was so tired when I came home that I just passed out. My dad visited me on Saturday, so I was happy. He brought me lots of food and magazines from Japan. We got lunch at a Korean restaurant and went shopping for a little bit. Then we went to eat dinner at Matsuhisa (the best Japanese restaurant in town!) with Bill. Their Sashimi Salad and Beef Filet with Anticucho sauce is the bomb!! Thanks Dad!!!

I woke up kinda late on Sunday. It felt later than it actually was because of the time change. Now the dark half of the year is starting. I hate the end of the summer, because all I can look forward to is the next summer... Anyway, Bill and I went to the Grove to see Kill Bill, but the Grove was insanely crowded. It turned out that there was a premier of Elf. Unfortunatelly, Kill Bill was sold out. :( I hate it when I go to the theater and my movie is sold out!! I also wanted to see Runaway Jury, but that was very crowded too, so we just gave up watching a movie. We saw some B-list celebrities while we were there. Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) was much better looking in real life! I was surprised.

And now, it's Monday again... Sucks!!!

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