Thursday, October 30, 2003

Still sick... so I called in today. Goddamn, this cold doesn't go away! It's just getting worse. I almost forgot how much it sucks to be sick, cuz I haven't been sick for the longest time. But I hope I will fell better tomorrow, I have an interview!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Today was my day off. I woke up really early this morning, against my will, because my throat was bothering me so much. I can't even remember when the last time I was sick was, but I can tell this is going to be pretty bad. I was gonna go to a Yoga class today, but I gave up. I don't think I can handle that hot room for 90 mins when my throat is in pain.

So.. instead, I met up with Chisa to get lunch. She is leaving for Japan tomorrow... :( We had really good Korean food in K-town, and then went to Starbucks in Little Tokyo. As we were having coffee and talking, a few serious looking guys came in and sat near us. We were kinda wondering what they did for living - because they were wearing suits and looked all tough and serious. We knew they weren't regular office people. And then I saw handcuffs and guns on their belts, as they took off their jackets. They were Detectives. We heard some interesting conversations like "I'm going to the county jail later..." etc. An hour or so later, they were leaving, and I found a wallet on a couch they were sitting on. So I told them that someone forgot his wallet. They were very thankful that I called them back. A few minutes later, one of the guys came back to Starbucks, and said they were going to a bar down the street after work, and would like to buy us a drink as a "thank-you." We politely said no (Chisa had to run some errands before she leaves for Japan tomorrow, and I'm freaking sick), but he started talking to us. We were talking for like 10 mins - he told us about a recent murder case that a Japanese guy was involved in. So it was interesting, and different. He gave us his business card at the end of the conversation and said to call him if we ever need help. The business card reads: "Los Angeles Police Department - Robbery Homicide Devision, Homicide Special Section, Detective ..." I hope I don't have to call this guy for help!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I just read Alex's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." I must say, it was so entertaining!! It made me wanna go on a road trip. Thanks Peter, for bringing this up in his blog.

Earlier today, I heard the dumbest thing. The lady who sits behind me at work was on the phone talking to her friend, as usual, and said "Things have been really weird lately, you know... From supermarket and MTA strikes to this Wildfire, the world is coming to the end, just like it's said in the Bible." I was like, OH PLEASE!!! I had to laugh (quietly). And I felt the immediate need to share this with someone (but no one from this office), so I emailed Bill. And got the following reply: "jeez..that must be the ichiban baka (=stupidest) thing i have ever heard. I mean, come on, people in Boston are not affected by this crap at all..its just LA, moron!" I wholeheartedly agree. This argument was so stupid that it was almost entertaining. I mean, this is as dumb as you can get. You see what religion does to people.. it drills ridiculous ideas into your brain.

But I do hope the wildfire will stop soon.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Well, shit. A lot has happened since my last post. I decided to stick around for a few more weeks. I talked with the HR lady and my supervisor on Friday after posting I-will-quit-my-job message here. I found out that I will probably never get a permanent position here (I am freelancing now). So I told them that I need time to look for a job and go to interviews, and therefore I cannot do full-time anymore. I can stick around for part-time position and I need flexibility (pretty much said I will prioritalize any interviews I have over this job). They said that's fine, so I decided to stay. If I only have to be here 3 days a week, that shouldn't be too bad. Plus I need the $$$.

It seems like the weekend flew by again. Friday, I went to a driving range with Takeshi and Tomoe, and went to eat Ramen after that. I was so tired when I came home that I just passed out. My dad visited me on Saturday, so I was happy. He brought me lots of food and magazines from Japan. We got lunch at a Korean restaurant and went shopping for a little bit. Then we went to eat dinner at Matsuhisa (the best Japanese restaurant in town!) with Bill. Their Sashimi Salad and Beef Filet with Anticucho sauce is the bomb!! Thanks Dad!!!

I woke up kinda late on Sunday. It felt later than it actually was because of the time change. Now the dark half of the year is starting. I hate the end of the summer, because all I can look forward to is the next summer... Anyway, Bill and I went to the Grove to see Kill Bill, but the Grove was insanely crowded. It turned out that there was a premier of Elf. Unfortunatelly, Kill Bill was sold out. :( I hate it when I go to the theater and my movie is sold out!! I also wanted to see Runaway Jury, but that was very crowded too, so we just gave up watching a movie. We saw some B-list celebrities while we were there. Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) was much better looking in real life! I was surprised.

And now, it's Monday again... Sucks!!!

Friday, October 24, 2003

It's FRIDAY!!! Yeah!!

I think I heard my inner voice this morning. I'm done with this job. I'm leaving. Am I scared? Yes - but I don't want to waste anymore time, I have to get out there and pursue what I really want to do. I can come back and work in this extremely boring office when I'm 40. After all, I'm too young and energetic for this place.

Last night, Chisa and I went to a yoga class together. Juan was teaching, so it was a hardcore Bikram class!! But I love his class, he's a great teacher. After the class, we went to Norms to eat. After working my ass of for 90 minutes and buring some serious calories, I decided to eat Grilled Cheese Sandwich... Why? Don't ask!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Last night was great. Chisa is visiting from Japan, so I met up with her and went to eat at Natalee. They have excellent Thai food. After a couple of hours of eating and catching up on 4 months worth of stuff, we went to Avalon for drinks. It was my first time there, but I absolutely loved it! Good atemosphere, great drinks. Their German Apple Martini was amazing!! I have to go back to have some more of that.

I think you can consider someone a really good friend of yours when you have not seen the person for a long time but doesn't feel like that at all when you meet up. Chisa and I are like that. She's such a cool friend. She got me hooked on Bikram Yoga and I got her REALLY hooked on Tom Leykis Show. She even had her friend tape the show and ship it to Japan! Now, that's called addiction.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I went to my regular yoga class last night. I didn't really like the teacher we had, but I still felt great after the class. Yoga is the best.

Kobe Bryant Trial: What kind of bullshit is this?? Why would anyone buy her story?! I really don't think Kobe Bryant would rape some bimbo who works at a small hotel. Let's face it, there are so many women who are ready to have sex with him at any time. He can buy any prostitute he wants. Why the hell would he risk his fame, money, and marriage?? Is Kate Favor (alleged victim aka Gold diggin' bitch) that hot?? I doubt it. And it seems like there are many evidences against this girl. Her accusation lacks consistency. But a woman cries, and wow! she's a victim!! Bullshit!!! She's an Attention Whore, who thought Kobe liked her, but later realized he just wanted a quick sex. When Kobe is proven innocent, he should sue Kate Favor. Not to get money, but to damage her reputation just like she did to him. I'd love to see this bitch on the cover of tabloids.

Just like Tom Leykis said last week, this country's court system is made so that women are not accoutable for anything, but men are to blame. How did men in power (i.e. law makers) become so pussified?

I highly recommend Tom Leykis Show to anyone who wants to hear something funny while being stuck in traffic. He is on 97.1 FM from 3PM to 8PM. I personally look forward to his show everyday!

Monday, October 20, 2003

I had absolutely the longest day today. I came into work at 9am and did only one thing. ONE. I am bored to death. I need a new job, desperately.
I hate Mondays... don't you?? How come the week passes by so slowly but the weekend flies by so fast? It should be the opposite. I know the week has just started, but I'm looking forward to Friday.

The supermarket strike needs to end. Come on!! Getting paid $17.80/hour to check out groceries sounds damn good to me! What more do you want?

But what pisses me off more is that the Congress gave Bush $87 billion to waste on Iraq. I can't believe how they lie to us and still get away with it!