Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I'm gonna be in Japan in a little less than 30 hours from now. I'm so excited to go home!! Going home is always lots of fun, but the process of it is such a pain in the ass. First, let's start with packing. I hate packing and so I always put it off for as long as I can. I am such a perfectionist that my suitcase has to be really neat. It doesn't matter how late I start packing, it always has to be perfect. So I usually end up staying up till like 5am. If only I can start packing like a day in advance.. I don't have to stay up all night - but it's just not gonna happen. Then I have to go through the whole chaotic LAX scene every time I fly. Just the thought of that ridiculously long line for security check makes me not wanna go there tomorrow. And after all these shit, I get to sit in the plane for 11 hours. How fantastic!

Things I'm gonna miss:
1. Bikram Yoga class
2. Tom Leykis Show
3. Warm weather
4. Del Taco
5. Boba

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