Wednesday, December 31, 2003

So.. Monday night was a lot of fun! I met up with a bounch of people from my highschool. It was supposed to be a small get-together at first, but each of us called up a few people and the crowd got bigger. Lots of boozing and talking - and then singing (karaoke). Most of us had not seen each other since we graduated (which is like 6 years ago!), so I suppose the anticipation was high. The crowd was pretty diverse - some were still students, some had a steady job, some were still trying to make it (like myself). As I listened to those who were still trying to reach their dreams, I got inspired. I need to make more efforts. I gotta get off my lazy ass and do something. Thanks, especially to Yoshio and Satoshi. I hope I'll be doing something more interesting next year! I want to love what I do, I want to be proud of what I do... Anyway, it was really a nice reunion. I had tons of fun!! Let's keep in touch, everyone.

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