Friday, December 19, 2003

Ok, so I found something that I can contribute to (it's a collection of fucked-up English signs mainly from Asia). After I got my teeth fixed, I was walking to a train station, and saw a huge sign that reads: "Public Bar CLUB RUDE." First, what the hell is a public bar?? I assume they meant that it is open to everybody. But I wonder what they had in their mind when they named the place "Club Rude." I have no idea. We're only serving rude people? Come in, if you want to be treated like shit? Out of curiosity and pure boredom, I looked up the dictionary to see what the word "rude" means (other than inconsiderate, lack of delicacy, or offensive). According to the dictionary "rude" also means unfinished, primitive, raw, elemental etc. I didn't know. But it doesn't matter, because when you hear the word "rude," don't you think of an inconsiderate asshole? At least, it's not a very inviting name! Oh ya, and later on, I also saw a sign that said "Pet Shop Fobby."

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