Thursday, December 11, 2003

This is my first post from Japan. It was such a long journey. Well, not quite, but still. I had to transit in Narita (Tokyo) this time, so it was longer than my usual non-stop LAX to Kansai (Osaka) flight. I sat next to a married old couple. The wife was a loud-mouthed bitch who nagged the husband the whole time. If I was the husband, I would have killed her long time ago. Anyway, after about a few hours, it was unbearable. I couldn't take it anymore (not so much the volume of the voice, but the shit they were, well, she was saying). So I asked them to keep it down. The funny thing was, the husband looked happy that I intervened the bitch fest. 11 hours later, we landed in Narita. I forgot about it, but Narita sucks! There were much more people there than I normally see in Kansai, so the lines for immigration and customs were longer. Plus, Kansai airport is newer, so it's cleaner and the architecture is more modern. In fact, I think Kaisai is one of my favorite airports. The least favorite-- LAX. Anyway... it's cold as fuck in Japan, but it'll be fun. I can't wait to get my cool cell phone activated!

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