Saturday, July 24, 2004

Bill and I at a Red Sox - Angeles game on 7/15. Had tons of fun!! The stadium looks empty because we got there really early. It was actually a sell-out game. Posted by Hello


Bill said...

KAWAII SHASHIN! That was alot of fun that day. I wish we bought more tickets to those games, maybe we could have gone to one of the games they actually won!

littlemisskooL said...

hi!! i just discovered your comment on my site... man i am dying for another yoga class -- i haven't been since my 10 for 10 cos of summer school getting busier :(

hmm. i guess i should surf my own archives more often :-) you have a cool blog! i will definitely be adding your site to my reading list ~~take care from debbie

Ami said...

Bill: Yeah, we should have bought more tickets to those games, especially Friday! I wanted to see Pedro pitch!

Debbie: Thank you for your kind words :) I hope you can go back to more yoga class soon!!