Wednesday, July 21, 2004

My New Addiction #2: Red Sox  
When you live with a hardcore Red Sox fan, it's hard to resist. There is no day where Bill doesn't talk about the Red Sox. So I have been slowly influenced into liking the Sox over the last 3 years, and now I am a serious fan. Bill and I went to see a Red Sox - Angels game last week, and I had so much fun. I read articles about the Red Sox online, and I watch games on online gamecast or TV whenever it's on. Growing up, I've always liked baseball, since that's the only exciting pro sports in Japan. There is no pro football (American) or basketball league. And soccer just sucks. I wouldn't be surprised if the J-league (professional soccer league in Japan) was doing shittier than WNBA. But anyway, my favorite team in Japan was Hanshin Tigers, a team that's kinda similar to the Red Sox. Tigers fans are always crazy about the Tigers (and also very loyal) even when they are playing really crappy. The Red Sox is definitely a better team than the Tigers, but the fan's sentiment is exactly the same. 

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