Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yesterday on Tom Leykis Show, he was talking about how hot 14, 15 year old girls are and guys secretly look at them and have some dirty thoughts. I didn't get to hear the whole segment of the show, but as soon as I tune in, I hear a crazy, bitter, old woman arguing that anybody who checks out underage girls is a perverted loser who needs Jesus' help. I wanted to shoot her. She claimed that she has a wonderful life with her husband and kids, and she is HOT (rrrright!). She was a total nut case (so is anybody who says "you need Jesus' help"). What's the friggin' big deal about guys looking at teenage girls? I so wanted to call Tom and tell him that American women are CRAZY! It's like expected that all men look at teenage girls (especially the ones in school uniform) and fantasize about them in Japan. Everyone knows, but no one panics about it. I'm so sick of all those right-wing, Christian ideologies.

The old lady also suggested that the reason guys fantasize about 14, 15 year olds is because they can't handle "Real" women. I wonder what she means by "Real" women? For some reason, I can't help but think that being "Real" is about being fat, homely, bitter, bitchy, lazy, and demanding. Of course, those "Real" women would argue that they are curvy, confident, independent.. blah blah blah... But let's face it. No one wants big fat cow who complains all the time. And I bet you, deep down, they know it too.

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