Thursday, July 29, 2004

Why men don't listen & women can't read maps

That's the title of a book I recently read. This book is not one of those "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" type bullshit reading. It is packed with scientific facts that explain how men and women are biologically different from each other. After reading this book, I am amazed that men and women still get along! That's how different we are. I've never been a feminist and I never will be, because I believe they make things more difficult for women. Being equal is one thing, but assuming the two sexes are same is quite another. Men and women are fundamentally different, and that is not to argue that one sex is superior to the other. We are just different. Life would be much easier once you can accept that fact.

The authors argue that there are a "male brain" and a "female brain." All fetuses have female body and brain to start with. You can't tell the fetus' sex for the first 6-8 week. Around the 6th - 8th week of pregnancy, if the fetus has a XY chromosome, it starts to secrete lots of male hormones (like Testosterone) and its brain starts to get wired into a "male brain." If the fetus has a XX chromosome, it gives out lots of female hormones and its brain develops into a "female brain."

However, if for some reason, a male fetus doesn't secrete enough Testosterone, its penis gets formed but its brain cannot fully develop into a Male brain. When that happens, the person is likely to be gay (this is the most clever, complete explanation I've read about homosexuality, but I won't go into too much details about it now - maybe next time).

On the other hand, when a female fetus gets exposed to too much Testosterone, its brain becomes manly.

There was a test in the book to see if your brain is male or female. The test consisted of 30 multiple questions. I wasn't really surprised to see the result of the test. Most men's score fall within the range of 0 to 180, and most women score between 150 and 300. My score was 115. I know I'm not a lesbian, but I guess I think more like a guy than a girl. I get along better with guys. I like talking about politics and sports than someone's stupid boyfriend. But I love shoes and teddy bears, and I love to cook. My most favorite activity is yoga, but I also love golf.

Anyway, enough about me. Go read this book. I recommend it to anybody who wants to learn more about the opposite sex.


Johnnie Walker said...

Thanks for talking about this book. I may seek it out and read it! Years ago, a girlfriend of mine tried to get me to read "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus," but I couldn't get past the first chapter. It was a tad bit too silly for me. :)

Ami said...

Johnnie-- Yeah, you should give it a shot. This book was not only informative, but pretty funny. It does contain some old stereotypes, but the book doesn't portray neither sex in a negative tone.